• Please let us know if you need to pick up your pet from 12:00 to 2:00 PM so we can make special arrangements

  • DOGS

    Clinic boarding policy requires all dogs be at least 12 weeks old and current on following vaccinations:

    *Bordetella (kennel cough)
    *Canine influenza

    All dogs will receive a dose of Capstar upon admission and discharge at no cost to the owner to ensure a flea free boarding environment.
  • CATS

    - All will be given a dose of Revolution upon admission at no additional cost to the owner to ensure a flea free boarding environment.

    - Clinic boarding policy requires all cats be current on rabies and FVRCP, and if applicable, feline leukemia.

    - If not current, the cat will be vaccinated prior to admission at owner's expense.
  • In case of unforeseen illness or injury, I, the undersigned, do hereby give my consent for the doctors of the Crossroads Veterinary Hospital to provide imperative treatment if needed by my pet(s) while they are being boarded. They are to use all reasonable precautions against illness, injury, or escape of my pet(s). The clinic will not be held liable or responsible for any unforeseen accidents that may happen in the absence of negligence.

    I agree that in the event I am unable to pick up my pet(s) on the above pick up date, I will immediately contact Crossroads to reschedule a new pick up date if boarding space allows. If my pet(s) are not picked up by the specified date, I understand I will be contacted if I am one day late, and I will be mailed a certified letter when 3 days late. Seven days after such written notice is sent, boarding charges will be finalized, the pet(s) will be considered abandoned, and the pets may be re-homed or surrendered to Animal Control for adoption. I understand that I will still be held financially responsible for all charges, including the additional boarding fees created by the abandonment.
  • If someone other than an owner is to pick up pet at end of boarding period, please specify below

  • I have read the above and agree
  • Crossroads has a facebook page and loves to brag about our special guests. Only the pets' name and picture would appear,never the clients' name or information. Please check the box if we have your permission to put your pets' picture on our Facebook page.
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