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Flea Facts

Flea season in Texas never truly ends but spring through fall see the worst cases of flea infestations.  Because they reproduce so rapidly, a few fleas can quickly become a few thousand.  Here are some important facts to help you and your pet become flea free.
Fleas have 4 life stages.

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Halloween Costume Contest

Costume Contest Time!!! Share a pic with us on Facebook of your pet in their hauntingly cutest costume and the one with the most likes by midnight on Halloween wins a goodie basket!

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A Pet's Guide To Weight Loss

Obesity is an accumulation of excessive energy stored by adipose (fatty) tissue sufficient enough to contribute to disease. It is the most common form of malnutrition in our companion animals and it is growing in frequency due to an increasingly sedentary lifestyle coupled with highly-palatable, energy-dense food sources.

Obesity can significantly increase the risk of various diseases and can negatively impact both the quality of life as well as the life span of our pets.

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